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I've been meaning to work on this for a while now, but too lazy :iconpapplz: 
I really like 'connecting' icons ahahh 
with the bigger space on the left of this base, I can add in some mini animations like speech bubbles and floaty things ; v ;;
OTA 1-2 : OPEN by puromisu
OTA 1-2 : OPEN
made a new chibi base! I'm going to start numbering adopts so it's more organised = v =
# 1 is a lacewing gijinka and # 2 an angel/fallen angel  

please offer $/:points:/arts > v <

# 1: 

# 2:


In a little story I'm working on at the moment, I have a headcannon that angels are similar to shinigami and rely on taking the lifespans of others to prolong their own. They are physically immortal and only die when they run out of lifeforce. In order to sustain and control the numbers of their prey, they have implemented strict codes; breaching regulation would result in the breaking of their halo and various hindrances to their mobility, such as added weights and bells to alert possible victims. With the populations of most other species capable of flight, and even humans in a time of superstitious wariness, it is effectively a death sentence.
how to be original pfft /A /    

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Merry christmas dudee
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somehow your arts remind me of myself 2 years ago... Very nice and lovely. Thanks for the watch as well! :) watch you back
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thanks 4 the llama puppy eyes hidan icon 
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